4 TN Daycare Workers Caught Overdosing Kids on Melatonin

4 TN Daycare Workers Caught Overdosing Kids on Melatonin

4 Daycare Workers Charged with Crimes Against Children

(StraightNews.org) – Medicine can be life-saving in some instances, but devastating when misused. The latter occurred in Indian Mounds, Tennessee, where daycare workers dosed children, including babies, with melatonin, a hormone that makes people sleepy, in order to get the kids to sleep longer.

On Thursday, May 5, prosecutors charged three daycare workers, including the owner, with child abuse and neglect. One additional employee faces charges of tampering with evidence. Investigators believe this abuse had been going on for at least two years before it was brought to light.

A new employee discovered the scheme when her coworkers asked her to feed children gummies with melatonin in them at lunchtime. She did not show up to work the next day and instead rallied multiple parents together to bring complaints against the daycare and get authorities involved. Some parents pointed out their children’s sleep schedules were off, with some refusing to sleep at night.

Missouri news station KRCG13 shared more:

The daycare closed down on May 2 and investigators are now seeking more information about the abuse and if there are additional victims. Thankfully, authorities have stopped this horrific abuse from continuing, although it’s terrifying how long it lasted before people intervened.

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