A Glimpse into the Afterlife from Someone Who Cheated Fate

(StraightNews.org) – A British man who “died” for several minutes has spoken out about his experience. Shiv Grewal, a stage actor, suffered a heart attack 10 years ago but has kept largely quiet about the event until now. The actor was having lunch with his wife when he went into cardiac arrest. His wife called emergency services, but by the time they arrived, Mr. Grewal’s heart had stopped beating. Incredibly, he says, “I somehow knew I was dead.”

Grewal describes feeling weightless, as if he had no body, but he could still feel sensations and emotions. He said it was almost like being underwater.

“At one point, I was traveling over the moon, and I could see meteorites and all of space. There was a whole set of possibilities, various lives, and reincarnations that were being offered to me,” he said. However, he decided he did not wish to opt for another life but to return to the one he had. At that time, paramedics restarted his heart and doctors later discovered a full blockage in an artery. He received intense therapy for the lack of oxygen to his brain, but he now suffers from epilepsy.

Mr. Grewal insists he was “scientifically minded” and a “natural cynic” but now his life is transformed and he is telling his story via an exhibition of artworks in London. “I remembered everything that happened when my heart stopped and have tried to translate it into art,” he said.

Dozens of people have recounted their experiences of being close to death. Many stories follow familiar patterns and the sense of leaving the body is common. Reassuringly, most people report a very positive event during which they felt peace and joy. American author Ernest Hemingway was injured in Italy during World War I and he described his soul leaving his body “like you’d pull a silk handkerchief out of a pocket by one corner.” He added that it flew around peacefully, but then went back into his body, and “I wasn’t dead anymore.”

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