A Surprising Ecosystem Has Been Found Under Antarctica

A Surprising Ecosystem Has Been Found Under Antarctica

A Mysterious Ecosystem Has Been Found Under Antarctica

(StraightNews.org) – Just when it seems like people have discovered nearly every creature and ecosystem in the world, scientists find another one. This time, a team of researchers from New Zealand found the new environment teeming with life under 1,600 feet of Antarctic ice.

Researchers from the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research recently used hot water to dig through over 1,600 feet of ice to enter an icy river around 6.5 miles long, 900 feet wide, and 800 feet deep. The pitch-black and frigid river was not without its surprises, though.

Scientists first thought their camera was not working correctly when small objects dashed across its screen, but they quickly realized that tiny amphipods, which are similar to crabs, mites, and lobsters, were swimming around the water.

This marks the first time scientists have gotten a glimpse into the life of one of Antarctica’s rivers, and they have plans to study the new ecosystem and its inhabitants in years to come. Researchers also left behind equipment to measure the water pressure, temperature, and river flow every two minutes to provide additional insight into the new environment. Scientists hope additional research on the ice shelf and its creatures can provide a better picture of fluctuating sea levels.

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