American Pride Hits Record Low Ahead Of Independence Day

( – American pride and patriotism are at record lows, according to a recent poll. Conducted over three weeks throughout June, the survey revealed that only 39% say they are “extremely proud” to be American, just one percent higher than the record low of 38% registered by Gallup last year. Furthermore, data showed that 22% are “moderately proud” while 4% are not proud at all.

Several similar polls conducted since 2020 show a downward trajectory in popularity for some of the values that America used to hold dear. In March this year, a Wall Street Journal survey went viral online. This showed that only 38% thought patriotism was important – down from 61% in 2019. The percentage of people who believed religion is important dropped from 48% in 2019 to just 39% this year. The number who hold family in high esteem had also decreased from 43% to 30%.

What has increased in value in people’s minds is money. This is a priority to 43% of respondents, up from 41% in 2019. Significantly, the percentage of people who found money highly important was just 31% in 1998.

Patriotism is also on the wane on university campuses where left-wing ideals portray the US flag and Constitution as symbols of white supremacy. The University of California’s student body voted to ban the flag back in 2015 (but was overruled) and in 2019, the Berkeley student newspaper published a piece describing the American Constitution as an enabler and maintainer of slavery.

A professor from Ohio State University in 2021 wrote that the Constitution was written by whites in order to maintain their own supremacy and power. In 2020, Vanderbilt University questioned students on the Constitution, and respondents who would not agree that the American Constitution is designed to perpetuate white supremacy were penalized.

At Iowa State University, students were threatened with expulsion if they did not support Black Lives Matter, a group that describes the United States as inherently racist and immoral.

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