BLM Protesters to Receive $10 Million Settlement

( – Seattle will pay $10 million to Black Lives Matter rioters who claimed they were injured during clashes with police in 2020. A press release on January 24 confirmed that Seattle City Attorney Ann Davison agreed to settle a lawsuit filed by 50 protestors, saying it was the “best financial decision for the City considering risk, cost, and insurance.”

Davison said the City admitted no wrongdoing and called for “a big step toward” to leave the past behind.

The original complaint contained over a million pages of records, 10,000 videos, and hundreds of witness interviews. The complainants alleged that there were hundreds of altercations with police that left protesters injured. Court filings claimed that demonstrators suffered hearing loss, broken bones, wounds, bruising, and “emotional damage.”

Judge Sandra Widlan rejected the City’s argument that protestors bore their own risk when they chose to engage violently with police and participate in riots. Karen Koehler, representing the plaintiffs, argued that her clients exercised their First Amendment rights in actively opposing “the very police brutality which they were met with.”

Seattle was an epicenter of the rioting that blazed across the United States after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis in the summer of 2020. Left-wing activists, including Antifa, took control of an entire region of the city and turned it into a so-called “Autonomous Zone.”

Andy Ngo, an independent journalist who campaigns against the extreme left, spent five days inside the autonomous zone and wrote that he witnessed “anarchy, chaos and brute-force criminality.” The six-block area was surrounded by a border to keep law enforcement at bay.

Inside, Ngo witnessed a shooting that left one person dead and another injured, and reported that sexual assaults also took place.

Police and the FBI eventually evacuated the zone, known as CHAZ, after around three weeks. Seattle Police tweeted a warning telling people to leave, and stating that anyone remaining would be arrested. The clearing of the site was relatively uneventful.

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