China Censors Dog Meat Festival From Public View

China Censors Dog Meat Festival From Public View

China Puts Red Tape Around Media In Desperate Attempt To Cover Up Cruelty

( – A little over a decade ago, a city in China began hosting a dog meat festival where they paired the largely-disgraced dish with lychee, a sweet Asian fruit. For years, organizations and animal rights advocates spoke out against the festival pushed by dog meat traders to help boost their fledgling sales. Now, the Chinese government is trying to stop any photos of the celebration from making it onto the internet.

A representative named Bianca from Plush Bear Shelter in China told Breitbart news Chinese police were stationed around the festival, ready to confiscate any videos or photos taken at the event. Bianca also told the news outlet the local dog traders likely paid off the police to do this in order to protect the festival.

While the Chinese police are censoring the festival, local groups are simultaneously working to save dogs heading for the event to likely be killed upon arrival.

The Daily Mail believes around 10,000 dogs are served at the festival alongside 5,000 cats. However, the outlet also reported on how the English organization “NoToDogMeat” saved around 400 animals heading to the Yulin Festival, many wearing collars and leashes. The organization is keeping these dogs at shelters as they try to reunite them with their families.

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