China Could Unleash a Cyber-Pearl Harbor on America

China Could Unleash a Cyber-Pearl Harbor on America

This Cyber Attack Could Be America’s Next Pearl Harbor

( – In the 21st century, guns and tanks are not the only way to wage war. While Russia is using those implements, as well as missiles, against Ukraine, there are also quite a few cyberattacks occurring between the nations. However, many analysts believe China poses the greatest cybersecurity threat to the United States these days. What would such a threat look like to America?

According to Matt Erickson, the Vice President of Solutions of SpiderOak, a security communications and aerospace company, China is only “a step behind” the US and our allies when it comes to electronics, computers, and cybersecurity.

In an article published by 1945, he emphasized how the country is already involved in nearly every aspect of the supply chain for cell phones, data towers, and computers. It has also paired up many satellites next to other nations’ orbiting data centers, potentially, he speculates, planning a cyber attack one day where they compromise them all at once.

If China were to disable satellites, even for a short period, it would greatly compromise US communications before an attack. Erickson noted with this in mind, the US should be proactive to ensure all satellites are built with “true zero-trust architecture.” Do you think the current administration is doing enough to combat this looming threat?

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