China Has a New Supercarrier Just Like the United States

China Has a New Supercarrier Just Like the United States

China’s New “Weapon” Just Made It A Threat To The United States

( – Military power can be measured in a variety of ways. Looking at a nation’s manpower, naval fleet, nuclear capability, and the number of overseas bases are just a few ways of understanding the capabilities of a nation. With this in mind, the launch of China’s third aircraft carrier, and the first one fully constructed within its borders, is noteworthy.

On Friday, June 17, Beijing announced its Type 003 carrier, named Fujian after the southeastern province of China closest to Taiwan, as it celebrated its forthcoming service. The Xinhua News Agency shared photos of the launch ceremony, with the ship decked out in streamers.

The supercarrier is a huge step forward when it comes to technology in China’s navy. For example, previous carriers used ramps to launch planes off their decks, whereas the Fujian will use catapults similar to those used by US carriers. It’s also the first carrier fully designed in China.

Experts have highlighted that this move confirms China is prioritizing weapons and a strong navy as it threatens to invade Taiwan and bring it back under its control. While the enormous carrier will likely not be fully operational until 2025, it still brings new strength to the Chinese navy that experts have never seen before.

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