City Sued Over Guaranteed Income For Trans Residents

( – San Francisco residents have filed a lawsuit against the city, saying it is discriminating on the grounds of ethnicity and gender by giving taxpayer money to non-white transsexuals. The Guaranteed Income for Trans People (GIFT) program provides funding to black and Hispanic transgendered people, but Judicial Watch, acting on behalf of three San Francisco residents, filed the suit and described the city’s leaders as “transgender extremists.”

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said the “extremists” are utilizing public funds to “hand out free cash to transgender individuals based on race and sex in blatant violation of the state’s constitution.”

The suit seeks a permanent injunction on the GIFT program and a court ruling declaring that any future similar initiatives are unlawful and violate the Equal Protection Clause of California’s constitution.

Mayor London Breed announced the GIFT scheme in November 2022, saying it would provide $1,200 per month to trans individuals for up to 18 months. The Mayor’s office justified the payments by saying that non-white transgendered people experience poverty and homelessness at much higher rates than the wider population.

While the program was the first of its kind, other similar initiatives have been launched in the past. A Guaranteed Income for Artists scheme started in 2021, and a second scheme provided funds to black and Pacific Islander women.

Other states, including New York and Texas, have also enacted guaranteed income programs. In Rochester, New York, residents were offered $500 per month if they could show they lived below the Federal Poverty Level. The same amount was set aside for residents of Harris, Texas, on similar grounds. Harris County Commissioner Rodney Ellis said, “Decades of neglect, inequity, and discrimination have financially destabilized generations of Harris County families.”

Proponents say guaranteed income programs allow those in poverty to improve their lives and raise their living standards, giving them the opportunity to get on their feet. Critics say they promote dependency and apply a “band-aid” over the real causes of economic hardship.

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