Democrats Want Tracking Devices Placed in Guns

( — A Maryland House of Delegates member has proposed a law that would place a tracking device on firearms. Democrat Pam Queen, who is pushing the legislation, said the device should render the gun unusable if it is removed. The idea is one of a variety of new proposals that would make the use of a private individual’s gun controllable and observable by state authorities. It has immediately been condemned by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, which describes it as “a clear invasion of privacy rights and Constitutional protections against illegal search-and-seizure.” The foundation added that the proposal isn’t even technically possible. “This is the stuff of Hollywood — and antigun politicians that don’t understand the first thing about firearms or manufacturing processes,” said spokesman Larry Keane.

What is not the stuff of Hollywood however is the development of smart-gun technology in California. The firearms of officers in Santa Cruz will be fitted with an alert system that sends a signal when the officer draws a weapon. The alert will be sent to the relevant law enforcement headquarters and will inform them when the gun was drawn, when it was fired, how many times, and where it occurred. Policing authorities in California however have denied that the technology is a means of demoralizing or spying on officers. Santa Cruz Sherriff Phil Wowak said it will be used as a means of keeping the police safe.

Such advancements in gun technology are accompanied by legislative change at both state and federal level. In 2022, gun control laws were passed by the Biden administration as well as by state governments in California, Colorado, Delaware, Illinois, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington. President Biden signed the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act in June which provides increased funding to states to implement crisis intervention programs, and disallows those with a history of domestic violence from owning firearms. Increased funding for school security was also provided.

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