Dutch Unrest May Be the Beginning of Worldwide Protests

Dutch Unrest May Be the Beginning of Worldwide Protests

Global Green Initiatives Spark Civil Unrest Worldwide — And It’s Just Beginning

(StraightNews.org) – Climate activists have pressured governments for decades to do more to limit emissions across a variety of industries. However, one group of Europeans feels particularly targeted by their nation’s lawmakers, and this has pushed them to protest in the streets and threaten to quit. If this condition escalates further, the Netherlands may not have enough food to eat.

Dutch farmers have led multiple protests across their country in recent weeks as they object to the government’s new plan forcing them to limit nitrogen emissions, despite being one of the highest food-producing nations per capita. In light of the harsh limitations, the workers are using their tractors to block roads to airports, leaving hay bales on highways, and even stopping deliveries to food distribution centers to get their point across.

One Dutch science writer told Fox News Digital he “really understands their anger,” noting that farms are receiving the majority of the blame for nitrogen emissions when cars produce plenty too. But, he emphasized how the government is not out to kick all the cars off the road anytime soon.

Many experts wonder if this will set off similar protests across the globe, among both farmers and other industries as people face intense shortages and continued inflation. According to Myron Ebell, the director of the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s Center for Energy and Environment, a similar movement is occurring in Sri Lanka after the government banned certain chemical fertilizers. Crops did not produce sufficient yields this season with limited fertilizer and now citizens are without needed food and demanding changes.

Do you think similar actions of governments will make this into a global issue before long?

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