Famed Actor Converts to Catholicism After Filming Movie

Famed Actor Converts to Catholicism After Filming Movie

Famed Actor CONVERTS – Fans In Shock!

(StraightNews.org) – From sidewalk evangelists to door-to-door missionaries and even pamphlets left on a bus bench, there are many ways Americans come face-to-face with religion. While church and outreach events are often the most common ways to convert someone to Christianity or Catholicism, it took one famous actor studying at a monastery to bring him into the Church.

While filming the new movie “Padre Pio,” Shia LaBeouf lived at a monastery with Franciscan Capuchin friars to better understand his role as a mystic priest. The actor also attended Latin Mass, and the two experiences brought him to the Roman Catholic Church.

In an interview with Bishop Robert Barron, LaBeouf detailed his contemplated suicide, deep shame, and helplessness that led him to God. He spoke about how the Lord turned his selfish desire to further his career, into the desire for a relationship with the God of the Bible.

The actor, who was recently charged with two misdemeanors, emphasized that he didn’t feel comfortable with the conversion until he heard other stories of people who had also deeply sinned and still found acceptance in Christ. He told Bishop Robert Barron how those testimonies gave him hope.

The film that led LaBeouf to Catholicism will arrive in theaters on September 9 as it details the captivating life of Padre Pio.

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