Fast Food Workers May Soon Make $22/hr

Fast Food Workers May Soon Make $22/hr

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( – California is notorious for regulating as many aspects of its residents’ lives as possible. It has just passed legislation approving the creation of a special council to establish rules, including wage requirements, for workers in specific areas of the food industry.

On Monday, August 29, the California Assembly and Senate passed A.B. 257. If signed by Governor Gavin Newsom (D), the bill would create a 10-person group to oversee the fast food industry and issue regulations that would, in theory, benefits employees at these businesses. The potential law would allow the council to increase fast food workers’ wages up to $22 an hour, up from the $15.50 an hour the state will mandate in 2023.

While Newsom has not yet commented on the bill, his state’s department of finance warned that it would increase the already high inflation residents now experience. On the other hand, supporters of the bill highlight how it could cut down on wage theft that happens at many major fast food chains and hold the companies responsible for the actions of their specific sites.

While the bill did pass in both houses with Democratic support, three Democrats voted against it in the Senate. But, if Newsom does signal his support for the law and the council bumps up the minimum wage, there would likely be an influx of people wanting to flip burgers near the beach for a whopping $22 an hour.

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