Father Faces Backlash for Teaching Daughter to Gut Fish

(StraightNews.org) – A father who forced his daughter to gut a fish received a torrent of criticism online. He posted on Reddit how he bought a whole fish when camping with his kids and told his 13-year-old daughter to gut, clean, and cook it, even though she was “grossed out.” The dad insists he taught both of his daughters (he also has a 10-year-old) essential life skills comparable to cooking, cleaning, and maintaining a car.

During the trip, the teenager had already been tasked with putting up the tent and making the fire before being asked to gut the fish. The pair first went fishing but had no success, so they gave in and went to the store. The dad said his daughter protested but he made her do it anyway and said on his Reddit post, “If she wishes to consume fish, she requires to understand how to gut them.”

When they returned home from the camping trip, his daughter told her mom that she’d been forced to undertake the “gross” activity, and afterward, all three ladies of the house were mad at him. The beleaguered family man went online to ask fellow Reddit users if he was unreasonable, and most responders said he was.

Some said the dad was wrong to force his daughters to do anything as it teaches them powerlessness when their voice is not heard. Others argued that there is nothing “essential” about cleaning out a fish. One poster wrote, “I can prepare, I can clean up, I can do laundry, I can do lots of things,” before adding that in 60 years on earth, she had never been required to gut a fish.

Others said listening is more essential than preparing seafood, while another said, “It’s a life ability to understand not to press your kid into something uneasy that isn’t essential.”

The dad posted his query on Reddit’s “Am I the A**hole?” section, and most users concluded that he was.

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