FBI Finds Chinese Tech Could Secretly Disrupt US Nuclear Arsenal

FBI Finds Chinese Tech Could Secretly Disrupt US Nuclear Arsenal

FBI Finds Chinese Attempt at INFILTRATION – US Nukes Involved!

(StraightNews.org) – Over the last several years, the FBI has been hard at work identifying and neutralizing Chinese threats. Director Christopher Wray has acknowledged the astonishing efforts China has put into trying to steal US secrets. If recent reports are true, this has been going on for quite some time — dating back at least to former President Barack Obama’s time in office. At the heart of the law enforcement agency’s concerns is Huawei, a telecommunications company that the United States government has long touted as suspicious.

FBI Findings

One of the most shocking finds in the FBI reports is that the equipment Huawei has placed on cell towers in the Midwest has the potential to disrupt communications from the Department of Defense. Especially worrisome is that this includes the US Strategic Command, the defense force responsible for overseeing the United States’ nuclear weapons. Compromising the command means potentially affecting the country’s ability to protect itself against outside attacks.

Sources close to the investigation, speaking anonymously, say it’s difficult to determine which, if any, data Huawei intercepted and relayed to Beijing.

Presidential Actions Against Huawei

Former President Donald Trump took action against Huawei, recognizing it represented a national security threat and invoked the International Emergency Economic Powers Act. In 2019, the government mandated Huawei must gain special approval before buying any vital US technology and banned the use of its equipment on national security grounds, seemingly addressing the allegations that the company had tried to use its equipment to spy on US government and military facilities.

When Huawei “continuously tried to evade” the prior sanctions, the Commerce Department took further action. In May 2020, Washington made it clear that worldwide vendors were not to use US technology when producing any parts for the telecom company. Then, the Commerce Department decided it was necessary to go further and block access to third-party chips, as well, if they were made using US tools. Huawei was also added to the Entity List, a running outline of companies of concern that require special licenses to operate in the US.

President Joe Biden continued Trump’s efforts when he took office. In November 2021, he signed the Secure Equipment Act of 2021 into law, effectively banning Huawei and ZTE, another company deemed a threat to national security, from receiving FCC licensing.

Removing the Equipment

Congress earmarked nearly $2 billion for the removal of not only Huawei equipment from the cell towers but also that of ZTE in 2020. Yet, it’s been two years, and the equipment still remains in place despite the FCC having received applications for reimbursement to remove more than 24,000 pieces of hardware.

The FCC also claims it’s $3 billion short of the money it needs to reimburse telecom companies for the removal, but it will begin repaying up to 40% of the costs associated with the task if it doesn’t get the additional funding.

The probe into Huawei is still ongoing, according to an unnamed US official. Depending on what is uncovered, it could mean quicker removal of equipment and potentially more charges against the telecoms company, which the DOJ has already indicted for Racketeering and Conspiracy to Steal Trade Secrets.

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