FBI Whistleblower Alleges High-Level Corruption

FBI Whistleblower Alleges High-Level Corruption

Giant FBI LEAK – Deep State Revelation!

(StraightNews.org) – Officials in America’s intelligence agencies undergo extensive training to adequately prepare for the job, which often requires investigation into various incidents that occur throughout the country, and sometimes, even beyond. Situations change on the fly, especially when new groups form that might threaten the nation’s security. An FBI whistleblower has allegedly come forward, releasing classified documents that address domestic terrorism.

Project Veritas Reveals Leaked Documents

On August 2, Project Veritas, a non-profit journalism enterprise, revealed it possessed a confidential document showing how the FBI classifies symbols associated with domestic terrorism. The papers, which specify for “internal use only,” list several symbols, historical imagery, quotes, and common phrases the agency connects to militia violent extremists (MVE) it deems anti-government and anti-authority.

The symbols include many used in conservative circles and among military and law enforcement officials. Among them are the punisher skull and a 2A reference with a handgun, alluding to the Second Amendment and referencing the phrase “well-regulated militia.” Historical imagery on the list includes the Betsy Ross flag and other revolutionary war graphics, such as a militia man that signals the calls for rebellion made during the US War of Independence, when America was fighting for freedom from the British.

One of the shocking components of the document is the mention of Ashli Babbitt, the woman who died during the January 6 riots at Capitol Hill. The bulletin lists her name as one of five people some MVE organizations hold up as a martyr. Some say this is a blatant display of bias against the Right following the events of that day.

The document also refers to what the FBI reportedly considers militia networks, including the Threepers, or Three Percenters, a reference to those who fought back during the Revolutionary War, and the Oath Keepers, who shot to notoriety following January 6.

Noticeably absent from the list of alleged networks: Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa, two organizations that have been repeatedly in the news with horrific tales of unrest in Democratic-led cities.

Use With Caution

While the document outlines several components that might be related to MVE, it also cautions agents against using the symbols, quotes, and expressions as sole evidence of any wrongdoing or even affiliation. “Many individuals use these symbols for their original historic meaning or other non-violent purposes,” it says.

Do you think the document shows an evident bias against the Right and exposes high-level corruption?

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