Former Leader of Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbachev Dies

Former Leader of Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbachev Dies

Last Leader of the USSR Passes – End Of An Era

( – World leaders have the unique ability to change the course of history with their actions and styles. Mikhail Gorbachev was the final leader of the Soviet Union before its collapse in 1991. In their last years, he led the once centralized, communist state towards democracy and openness, and through his choices, he ended the Cold War without death. He recently passed away.

On Tuesday, August 30, Gorbachev passed away at a hospital in Moscow at the age of 91. His supporters and admirers remember him for his intense reforms in the Soviet Union that did not punish dissent like his predecessors. He was also able to strike historic arms deal with the United States and allowed the West to bring down the Iron Curtain and reunify Germany.

The Soviet Leader also faced the Chernobyl disaster with openness rather than propaganda. In addition, he pulled his troops out of Afghanistan in 1989, bringing a years-long war to an end.

While many praised Gorbachev’s leadership, his nation could not handle it. Strife erupted between those wanting to cling to the centralized communist government and those wanting even more freedom than they were given. This eventually led to the downfall of the Soviet Union.

Many have noted that Gorbachev died at a time when his legacy of an open Europe was being crushed by Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. But now, he will rest in peace at a Moscow cemetery next to his wife, Raisa.

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