Fox News Host Jesse Waters Says Obama Never Really Had An American Perspective

( – Fox News host Jessie Watters said former President Barack Obama did not have a pro-America perspective and thought of himself as a citizen of the world rather than of the United States. Watters addressed Obama’s criticism of the media and its coverage of the loss of the Titan submersible. Obama said this incident received 24-hour media attention, while a boat carrying hundreds of migrants that sank off the coast of Greece was effectively ignored.

“When you’re a citizen of the world, you always think about the world instead of the United States. Remember, this is a guy whose father has roots in Africa. This is a guy who spent a lot of his childhood in Southeast Asia,” Watters said. The host added that Obama is guilty of elitism and snobbery and does not comprehend that Americans will inevitably be more focused on what happens in America than in Europe.

Obama made the remarks to CNN host Christiane Amanpour in the Greek capital. He said the greatest threat to democracy is “obscene inequality,” which was indicated in the press coverage of the two disasters.

The campaign group, Human Rights Watch, waded into the controversy and said the real problem was not press coverage but government inaction. Executive Director Kenneth Roth said governments went to great lengths to try to rescue the inhabitants of the submarine but did very little to help the boat foundering off the coast of Greece.

Roth added that this is a deliberate strategy by European governments who want to use the deaths of migrants as a deterrent in the hope it will persuade more people not to enter European territory unlawfully.

Demonstrations erupted in Athens in the wake of the incident and protestors blamed Greece and the European Union for displaying a hostile attitude to migrants and therefore encouraging more hazardous journeys. Recently, Video footage was released showing members of the Greek coastguard refusing to help migrants stranded on a dinghy.

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