Google Allegedly Rolling out a Global Censorship Tool

( – Internet giant Google has signed up with the globalist World Health Organization and United Nations to censor and control what we see online. According to LaToya Drake, leader of Google’s News Lab, the new partnership will develop “Fact Check Tools” to improve the “quality” of the information we receive.

The Google News Lab is an entity within Google that works with journalists and the broader mainstream media to agree on content and narratives for the public to see. It says its mission is to fight misinformation and strengthen diversity and equity. The new initiative will specifically target “misinformation” surrounding the recent global coronavirus pandemic, as well as climate change, crime statistics, and the world bank.

The scheme is part of a stated long-term United Nations plan to manage information online. The “common agenda” document, published by the UN in May, says it intends to “strengthen global governance.” Secretary-General António Guterres said the mission is to provide “trustworthy” content and “opportunities for free expression” while cracking down on “misinformation” and “harmful content.”

In the past, “harmful content” has included discussion among doctors about vaccination, or scientists who seek a more open debate about climate change. In Europe, for example, physicians who spoke about vaccines online were threatened with career-ending actions such as being struck off the medical register. This even applied to doctors who questioned the wisdom of lockdown policies and their impact on health and well-being.

Social media users on Twitter and elsewhere are responding to the UN proposals with scorn and derision. Many say they believe the plans amount to political censorship intended to influence the US Presidential election in 2024.

Some are calling for a boycott of Google, while others say the new scheme will increase awareness of what they see as blatant censorship. “Cease using Google and vehemently encourage others to do the same,” said one Twitter poster. “We are living in George Orwell’s 1984 novel,” said another.

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