Government is the Country’s Biggest Problem says Poll

( — The government is the biggest problem the United States currently faces, according to a recent poll. Americans said inflation the second most serious issue. Poor leadership from the White House was named as the primary problem by 21%, up from 15% last year. The Gallup survey was conducted between January 2nd and 22nd.

Poll results reveal that immigration is number 3 on the nation’s list of concerns, with the economy in 4th place at 10%, unifying the country at 6%, race relations is at 5%, poverty at 5%, crime at 4%, and moral decline also at 4%.

Dissatisfaction with the government topped the list on both sides of the political divide. It was at 24% among Republicans or Republican-leaning independents, and at 18% for Democrats. While 18% of Republicans see immigration as a major issue, only 5% of Democrats feel the same way.

In 2020, a separate survey carried out by Pew Research showed that just 20% of American adults trust the government. According to this survey, Americans want the government involved in crucial areas of life such as the alleviation of poverty or protection from terrorism, but did not believe their representatives in Washington were doing the job well. The issues that elicited the highest levels of criticism were immigration and public health. Satisfaction with the government was higher among Republicans during the Trump administration, and Republican voters largely agreed that the economy was good and the country was being sufficiently protected from terrorism.

Opinion on the role of government varies widely. Democrats believe there should be more government involvement in healthcare (85%) and protecting the environment (90%). Republicans stood at 42% and 52% respectively.

The overall feeling towards the government is one of frustration rather than anger, the poll found.

American optimism on both sides remains strong however. More than 50% of both Republicans and Democrats believe America can solve any problem it faces.

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