House Condemns China But Biden Says Balloon Not a Major Breach

( — Members of the House of Representatives have unanimously passed a resolution condemning China for sending a spy balloon into American airspace. The motion called the Chinese action a “brazen violation of United States sovereignty.” The resolution is non-binding but is symbolic of American unity in condemning the actions of China. A State Department official has said that the Biden administration is considering what action to take.

China insists that the balloon, which flew through US airspace from Montana to the Eastern Seaboard, was merely a weather balloon that had flown off course. The communist country has accused America of being too aggressive in shooting down an unmanned civilian aircraft. The US Air Force brought the device down over the Atlantic Ocean. The President said it was vital to wait until the balloon was over water to avoid any injuries to people on the ground. Biden has downplayed the incident and said it did not amount to a serious security violation. “It’s not a major breach. Look, the total amount of intelligence gathering that’s going on by every country around the world is overwhelming,” he said.

Some Republicans have reacted with fury at the President’s decision to allow the device to cross such a large section of the United States. It has furthermore emerged that the balloon was fitted with antennae capable of collecting information, and solar panels to power itself. At a confidential briefing in the House of Representatives on February 8th, lawmakers were described as “tense” while Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene told officials she did not trust them and has no confidence in their ability to protect America from similar violations. She said China had made America look weak and vulnerable. “They allowed it to go across the country and there was nothing they told us in there that gave us a good reason to think they made the right move,” she said.

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