Inclusive Taliban Tells Women to Hide Their Faces

Inclusive Taliban Tells Women to Hide Their Faces

Taliban Gives INSANE New Order To Women

( – When the Taliban took over Afghanistan following the United States’ disastrous withdrawal in August 2021, they made a number of promises. One of these was they’d honor women’s rights, which had long been nonexistent under the extremist group’s prior rule. However, a recent edict shows the Taliban truly had no intention of honoring this promise to create an inclusive government that honors basic human rights.

The Inhibiting Edict

On Saturday, May 8, the Taliban’s Supreme Leader Mullah Haibutullah Akhundzada issued a decree stating all women must now limit their exposure to the public. According to the directive, they are to remain inside their homes as much as possible. If they need to leave the house, they must cover from head to toe, wearing a burqa. While the Taliban didn’t mandate women cover their eyes, a burqa essentially does.

The group essentially said the best way to avoid violating the decree is for women to never leave the home at all. Instead, they’re considered property and must have a guardian — their husband, brother, or father — in control of all their movements. In fact, should a woman violate the decree, her guardian will suffer the punishments, which increase in nature as follows:

  • First offense: the women’s guardian is “advised and warned.”
  • Second offense: the women’s guardian will be summoned.
  • Third offense: the guardian will be imprisoned for 3 days
  • Fourth offense: the guardian will go to court to determine “further punishment.”

Guardians can also face suspension from their jobs if the women do not wear the proper coverings. Female employees — those few who are allowed to work — must wear a hijab while on the job.

Women’s Rights Set Back Decades

When the Taliban was overthrown in 2001, Afghan women worked hard to gain rights. They started attending school and worked their way up to holding prominent government positions. Women were also freed from wearing restrictive clothing and the necessity of having a guardian.

Now, all of those rights have essentially been eliminated. Women who do go to school face more restrictive curricula, ones that focus mostly on religion rather than educational basics. Going to college is not allowed. The Taliban dictates everything, right down to the type of cell phone women are permitted to have. They’re even segregated in the workplace.

It seems as time goes on, these restrictions only become more stringent. It’s clear the Taliban has no intention of honoring the agreement it made and the ones suffering are the women. Cries from external groups, such as the United Nations, are falling on deaf ears.

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