Investigative Committee Debunks Famous Myth About Uvalde Response

Investigative Committee Debunks Famous Myth About Uvalde Response

One Of The Biggest Lies About The Uvalde Shooting Debunked

( – News spreads fast in the internet era, often without being confirmed by multiple sources. When the event is emotionally charged, such as the May 24 school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, the facts become even more difficult to sort out. So, it’s no surprise when a report came out that a police officer had the shooter in his sights before he entered the school, the world believed it. Here’s what really happened.

According to ABC, the Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training Center at Texas State University in San Marcos released an assessment on July 6, saying a police officer could have shot and killed the mass shooter before he entered the school. This added yet another discouraging highlight to the tragic police response that day.

However, the joint committee of the Texas Legislature has been going through the events of the day with a fine-tooth comb and debunked the Texas State University report. Instead, the officer who thought he had the shooter in his sights had actually mistaken Coach Abraham Gonzales for him instead. The coach was outside when he heard shots and ran back to the school to help get kids to safety.

Thankfully, his sergeant did not give him permission to shoot because of the number of children nearby. This just goes to show that in a world where news spreads quickly, proper investigations are critical to unpacking exactly what happened, who is at fault, and how responses such as this can improve and stop shootings faster in the future. Over the coming weeks and months, more information is likely to come out regarding the response.

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