Islamic State Supporter Learns His Fate After Assassination

Islamic State Supporter Learns His Fate After Assassination

( – The world was shocked in October 2021, when 26-year-old Ali Harbi Ali stabbed United Kingdom lawmaker Sir David Amess, 69, to death at a church hall in England. However, this case is an instance where a jury brought justice swiftly against the criminal as the accusations and evidence were crystal clear.

On Monday, April 11, a jury at London’s Central Criminal Court found Ali guilty of the murder of Parliament member David Amess, and of preparing acts of terrorism. Amess had served his nation as a lawmaker since 1983. The deliberation took a mere 18 minutes before jurors provided the guilty verdict. Ali denied the charges but defended his stabbing of Amess 21 times as a response to the British lawmaker voting for the nation to carry out airstrikes in Syria in 2014 and 2015.

Brendan Cox, the widower of Labor Party politician Jo Cox, who was shot and stabbed to death by an extremist in 2016, shared more insight into the news on Twitter:

During the course of the trial, the prosecutor, Tom Little, highlighted that Ali had planned the attack over a course of years and is “a committed, fanatical, radicalized Islamist terrorist.” He didn’t mince his words during his prosecution, and because of that, Ali received the conviction he deserved.

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