Kim Jong-un Warns Against Military Escalation With US and South Korea

Kim Jong-un Warns Against Military Escalation With US and South Korea

Kim Jong Un’s Latest Thinly-Veiled Warning Is WWIII Level Bad

( – Oppressive regimes developing nuclear weapons are a major threat to the United States and its allies. As a result, America has been trying to limit these nations’ abilities to refine uranium to produce nuclear warheads. However, North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un just warned that his nation is ready to use such weapons if threatened.

On Thursday, July 28, North Korean state media broadcast a speech from Kim as he spoke with Korean War veterans on the 69th anniversary of its end. According to the New York Post, he told listeners his nation’s nuclear arsenal is “ready to mobilize its absolute power dutifully, exactly and swiftly in accordance with its mission.”

Kim went so far as to say any movement against his country would be considered a “very dangerous suicidal action.” This threat comes as the US and South Korea prepare for joint military drills in the area this year, the first of its kind since 2018.

North Korea still condemns the United States’ actions during the Korean War decades ago and now criticizes the sanctions against the regime. While Kim was hoping to conjure up national unity during this speech, he also used it as an opportunity to try to intimidate others.

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