“Law and Order” Actress Dies Drowning

Famous Actress DROWNS – She’s Gone

(StraightNews.org) – Being an actor or actress means many aspects of one’s life appear in the spotlight, and death is no exception. The Hollywood community and American viewers are now mourning the passing of 61-year-old Mary Mara, an incredible actress known for playing Billy Crystal’s daughter in “Mr. Saturday Night” and Loretta Sweet on “ER.”

On Sunday, June 26, New York State Police and emergency services arrived at Mara’s sister’s summer home in Cape Vincent, New York after reports of a possible drowning. Upon arrival, troopers found a female body in the St. Lawrence River which was soon identified as the beloved actress.

The Jefferson County Medical Examiner’s office confirmed Mara’s death was an accident, noting asphyxiation and water drowning as the cause of death. Coworkers and fans have been paying tribute to Mara and her legacy.

In a statement made to PEOPLE, Mara’s manager Craig Dorfman praised her as “one of the finest actresses I ever met,” specifically celebrating her as an “electric, funny, and a true individual.”

Mara was born in 1960 in Syracuse, New York, and eventually attended both San Francisco State University and the Yale School of Drama. She opened a theater group in San Francisco as she launched her decades-long career in the film industry. She worked on hit shows like “Criminal Minds,’, “Law & Order,” “Lost,” and “Star Trek: Enterprise.” She will be sorely missed.

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