Mace Hires Former Santos Staffer

( – Republican Congresswoman Nancy Mace has hired Gabrielle Lipsky, the former communications director of disgraced New York Rep. George Santos. Rep. Mace, of South Carolina, has a reputation for demanding hard-working staffers and reportedly has lost several employees in recent months.

In a December report, anonymous staffers said Mace behaved inappropriately at work, including discussing her private and intimate relationships with them. “She frequently made sexual references in the office and discussed things that were not appropriate in a work environment,” one employee said. She fired her chief of staff, Dan Hanlon, in December, and the resignation of deputy chief of staff Richard Chalkey and legislative director Randal Mayer quickly followed.

In November, the Daily Beast published an article detailing the contents of her staff handbook and interviews with three former employees. Staff were expected to send at least one press release daily, prompting workers to accuse her of self-obsession. It was also anticipated that Mace would be booked to appear on at least one national TV show every day, and on local channels up to six times per week. Mace also demanded “25 new bills per year.”

One former staffer said, “In my experience with and in other offices, comms promotes what the member is doing legislatively. In Mace’s office, legislation served to get her more media opportunities.”

In response to the Daily Beast report, the Congresswoman’s spokesman said she was under attack for working hard and having high standards. Will Hampson said the “Washington establishment” sought to silence Mace and added, “Good luck.”

Rep. Mace is an outspoken lawmaker who takes positions that are not always in tune with her GOP colleagues. She has called for a middle ground on abortion, supports gay marriage, and campaigned to establish a center for LGBT military veterans. Voting for the Respect for Marriage Act, which protected gay marriage, she said if gay people want to be “miserably married” like straight people, that is their right.

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