Majority of Democrats Don’t Want Biden in 2024

( — The majority of Democrats do not want Joe Biden to stand again in 2024. A CNN poll on December 14th revealed that 59% want another candidate to be the party’s nominee for the race to the White House. There is however no clear favorite to replace the President. Among those who prefer another candidate, 71% have no alternative in mind.

Some names mentioned as possible replacements include Transport Secretary Pete Buttigieg at 5%, California Governor Gavin Newsom at 4%, Vice President Kamala Harris at 3%, or Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) at 2%.

In a separate poll conducted by CNBC/All-America Economic, 57% of Democrats rejected Biden as the party’s candidate. This poll, conducted in November, also showed that the majority of Americans don’t want either Biden or Trump to stand again. The survey found that 61% of the American public doesn’t think Trump should stand, and 70% say the same about Biden.

While the Democrats appear to have no frontrunner to replace Biden, a clear favorite is emerging from among the Republicans. Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis has been polling ahead of Donald Trump in various surveys in recent weeks.

Trump had been leading DeSantis as recently as October, but some disappointing results for the Republicans in the November midterms have propelled DeSantis in to top spot. In a YouGov poll in mid-October, Trump won the support of 45% of Republicans or Republican-leaning independents, with DeSantis trailing on 35%. More recently, YouGov again polled 413 Republicans or independents with Republican sympathies and found the roles reversed with 42% supporting DeSantis and only 35% endorsing former President Trump.

Following his resounding victory in the race for Florida Governor in November, crowds attending his rally in Tampa cheered “two more years”, implying he would not be in the Sunshine State for the second part of his term, but instead have taken up residence in the White House.

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