Mike Tyson’s Lawyer Says the Man He Decked Was an “Overly-Excited” Fan

Mike Tyson's Lawyer Says the Man He Decked Was an

(StraightNews.org) – Former professional boxer Mike Tyson has thrown quite a few punches in his day. He fully knows the pain and damage his body is capable of inflicting on another human being. Recently, Tyson hit another man while on a JetBlue plane at San Francisco International Airport. Here’s what we know.

On Wednesday, April 20, Mike Tyson allegedly hit Melvin George Townsend III, another passenger, in the face. According to NBC Washington, Townsend’s attorney said his client’s first interaction with Tyson was “cordial” but then he then got “over-excited.” However, the lawyer noted Tyson could have simply called a flight attendant over to distance himself from the fan, rather than punching him repeatedly.

9News Queensland shared a video of the altercation:

Reports note Townsend and his friend were harassing Tyson before it got physical, with some people saying the pair threw a water bottle at the boxing legend before it got physical.

Some analysts believe judges hold professional fighters to a higher standard when it comes to violence. It’s difficult for them to claim self-defense as a motive to hit someone when they’re experts in the arena. However, no one deserves to be physically assaulted either. Townsend has yet to make a decision over suing the former boxer for his injuries.

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