Mother Saves Child From Tiger Attack With Bare Hands

Mother Saves Child From Tiger Attack With Bare Hands

Mother Goes Into BEAST MODE – Fends Off Attacker With Bare Hands

( – Few things are as strong as a mother’s drive to protect her children. This fierceness was on display recently when a tiger tried to eat a young boy, and his mother viciously stepped in to save him — unarmed. Thankfully, both mother and son made it out with their lives, although they will certainly have scars to tell the story.

On Sunday, September 4, a 25-year-old mother took her 15-month-old son outside in their central Indian village to use the bathroom. Unfortunately, a tiger jumped out from the bushes nearby and began to attack him. The mom, Archana Choudhary, leaped into action, fighting off the beast with her bare hands. She continued to punch, kick, and scream until her fellow villagers showed up and helped her drive the predator back into the jungle.

Choudhary experienced a punctured lung and multiple lacerations on her abdomen, while her son had extensive cuts on his head. Both are expected to survive, although it was touch-and-go for a while.

Search efforts were unable to locate the tiger, but local villagers have been warned to stay inside in the evenings and keep watch for the animal’s potential return. Experts believe the tiger likely wandered toward the village due to a diminishing supply of food and water as its natural habitat shrinks.

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