NASA Warns of Possible Internet Apocalypse

NASA Hits New Milestone During Australian Launch

( — NASA is warning that an “internet apocalypse” could happen within the next decade. An investigation conducted by the space agency’s Parker Solar Probe has explained how the sun’s atmosphere works and how it could affect our ability to communicate on Earth. The device, launched in 2018, penetrated the wind surrounding the sun, known as solar wind, for the first time. NASA says that storms in the sun’s wind could cause Earth’s communications network, including the internet, to collapse, and NASA’s venture sought to learn how to prevent this.

Professor Stuart Bale, who is leading the study, says it is crucial for us to understand how the sun’s winds behave. “Winds carry lots of information from the sun to Earth. So understanding the mechanism behind the sun’s wind is important for practical reasons on Earth. That’s going to affect our ability to understand how the sun releases energy and drives geomagnetic storms – which are a threat to our communication networks,” he said.

The study identified a phenomenon known as “supergranulation flows” inside the sun’s coronal holes. The corona is the sun’s outermost atmosphere. These holes change direction every eleven years and appear on the sun’s surface. From there, they generate enormous wind blasts that are aimed directly at our planet. The new study is helping scientists understand how to predict these blasts and their impact on Earth’s satellites and electronic grids.

The sun’s effect on our communications is one of many fascinating studies NASA is undertaking. The agency released a report on UFOs in late May, saying dozens of sightings could not be explained. A specially convened panel delivered its findings at a conference and said they receive around 100 reports of UFO sightings monthly. While some have been explained away, about 2 – 5% remain a mystery. A Pentagon report in 2021 found 144 incidents that were entirely inexplicable, and the US military would not discount the possibility that the vessels were extra-terrestrial.

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