New FBI Documents Link Saudi Arabia to 9/11

New FBI Documents Link Saudi Arabia to 9/11

( – The FBI recently released a redacted report with information about the terrorist attack on the United States on September 11, 2001. The report makes a link between the al-Qaeda extremists who hijacked the four planes on that fateful morning, and Saudi Arabia, through meetings and phone calls. According to the lengthy report, the FBI revealed Omar a-Bayoumi in California was actually a Saudi spy who may have had prior knowledge of the attacks.

Previously, the man claimed he had no idea of any plans to attack the United States and just innocently befriended the terrorists. However, those claims were proven to be lies, and the report shows the FBI was aware he was a spy five years ago.

The information comes at a time when President Joe Biden has cut off oil imports from Russia and considered turning to Saudi Arabia for an increased supply to make up for the shortfall. Given this new information, the apparent connection between 9/11 and the Saudi government may give pause to the idea.

If the government still plans to negotiate with the Middle Eastern country for more oil, there’s no telling what kind of impact the FBI report will have on the discussions.

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