New FBI Documents Show Double Standard … on BLM?

New FBI Documents Show Double Standard ... on BLM?

( – Government surveillance is a good thing when it comes to stopping a terrorist threat or similar attack. However, it seems the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) may be looking at more than just major threats. A new report published by Rolling Stone details a double standard at the federal agency. Agents used social media to track users involved in racial justice protests, but not those leading up to the events of January 6, 2021.

On Thursday, April 14, Rolling Stone writer Andy Kroll published a feature article entitled “FBI Documents Expose Bureau‘s Big Jan. 6 ‘Lie‘.” He detailed how FBI Director Christopher Wray told Congress in the summer of 2021 his agency cannot simply monitor social media “without proper predication and an authorized purpose,” something they did not have leading up to January 6.

However, Rolling Stone obtained FBI documents detailing the agency had used “widespread tracking” of major social media sites before January 6, and used those surveillance tactics during the social unrest protests in 2020.

Cyber Scoop News writer AJ Vicens shared more on the double standard the FBI has:

While it’s now clear the FBI does extensive social media surveilling when it so desires, it’s all the more important for Americans to protect their personal data and for lawmakers to establish rules to govern the federal agency’s snooping. Only with healthy oversight and well-established rules can the agency work for the good of every American.

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