New York Taxpayers Spend Billions Housing Illegal Migrants

( — New York taxpayers have spent around $2 billion to help house illegal immigrants in the city. The money is part of the so-called Excluded Worker’s Fund (EWF) and most of it was paid to landlords to house migrants who are excluded from unemployment programs because of their illegal status. Funds from the EWF are used to pay for rent primarily (66%), but also for childcare, healthcare, and the payment of debts and loans.

The Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) has revealed that illegal migrants in the Big Apple can expect a hefty payment of $15,600. The CIS argues strongly that such an amount is more than enough to send illegal immigrants back to their home countries and create a fairer playing field for native New Yorkers and those who come to the US lawfully.

The large payments to landlords who house illegal aliens have created a rent crisis for those living legally in the city.

In January, reports stated that 25 million American renters now spend over 30% of their pre-tax income for a roof over their heads. This is up from around 2% in 1999 and is higher than 30% for the first time on record.

Rent and the cost of housing generally have increased every year since the 1970s. It has corresponded with an ever-growing immigrant population. The number of immigrants in the US was approximately 30 million in 1999 but had grown to more than 45 million in 2022. The CIS says, “The 46.6 million immigrants (legal and illegal) in the country in January 2022 is the largest number recorded in any government survey or decennial census going back to 1850.”

The CIS also insists that large-scale immigration reduces wages for working-class Americans who cannot compete with people arriving from countries with far lower living standards than the US. This places even greater pressure on unemployment and social security programs, which in turn places greater pressure on the already beleaguered taxpayer.

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