Officials Issue Warning About Increasing Rattlesnake Activity

Officials Issue Warning About Increasing Rattlesnake Activity

Officials Issue Warning – SNAKE Infestation Approaching

( – Snakes are a necessary part of our world and can be incredibly helpful in keeping rodent populations in control. However, these helpful reptiles can also be quite dangerous, especially at this time of year. In particular, rattlesnake activity is increasing along the West Coast, and officials are warning people to stay aware of their surroundings, especially when outside.

As Fall rolls in, temperatures are cooling off. This change, alongside higher humidity and the lifecycle of rattlesnakes, brings their activity to a peak during this season. Baby rattlesnakes are looking for food to bulk up for winter alongside their postpartum parents who are just as ravenous. It is also mating season, causing males to be increasingly aggressive when looking for partners.

All of this has led to more human-rattlesnake encounters. Rattlesnake Solutions, an Arizona-based company that catches and releases the slithering reptiles, responded to 19 different incidents in 24 hours, which according to Newsweek, is “exceptionally high.”

Snakes do not generally look for humans to bite. Instead, these attacks typically occur when a person does not see the snake and gets too close or tries to grab it without proper training and snake-handling skills.

So, during this time of increased activity, wear shoes when outside and stay alert to your surroundings, especially on grass, and never approach a snake, particularly if you do not know what kind it is. Lastly, if you hear the tell-tale rattle, move away quickly and alert others in the area to stay away from the dangerous creature. Also, consider calling local wildlife authorities to catch and release the snake in some other area.

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