Only One Third Want Second Biden Term

( — A new Rasmussen Reports survey from January 3rd shows that only 33% of voters want to see Joe Biden remain in the White House in 2024, with 55% saying they do not. If Biden were not in the race, his Vice President Kamala Harris would only have the support of 32%. A majority of 58% said Harris should not run for President.

The approval ratings of both President and Vice President have dropped since they were elected in 2020. The polling and analysis organization Gallup has been tracking the President’s popularity since he entered the White House and shows fluctuation in support. The latest poll from December 2022 shows a 40% approval rating for Biden, down from his average of 45%. The President enjoyed his highest rating soon after becoming President – at 57% in January 2021. His lowest approval rating, in July 2022, was 38%.

In poll results published by in December last year, 36% of Americans had an unfavorable view of the Vice President, with only 16% holding a favorable view. Other surveys show a decline in support from almost 50% at the time of her inauguration to less than 40% last year.

Some commentators suggest that Harris’s decline in popularity is related to her handling of the immigration crisis. In 2021, she was strongly criticized for not visiting the southern border, and her public appearances to discuss immigration significantly reduced in 2022. She did visit El Paso following the criticism but many believe she has failed to grasp the importance of the issue.

While most Presidents experience a drop in support during their early years, key issues like immigration and the economy are the main reasons cited by Americans for their disapproval of the current administration. In mid-July 51% in a CNBC poll said Biden was making no difference on inflation, while 30% said he was making it worse.

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