Pagan Ritual Sacrifice Allegedly Behind Girls’ Slaying

( – Attorneys representing a man accused of murdering two girls say they were killed by members of a pagan religion as a part of a human sacrifice ritual. Andrew Baldwin and Brad Rozzi, who represent murder suspect Richard Allen from Delphi, Indiana, filed papers on September 18 stating that 13-year-old Abigail Williams and 14-year-old Liberty German were killed by a white nationalist group known as Odinists. The lawyers insisted that their client had no involvement in the murder and is not connected to the Odinists.

They also argue that the warrant used to search Mr. Allen’s home was unlawfully obtained and should be ruled inadmissible.

Prosecutors charged Delphi resident Richard Allen with the girls’ murder in October last year. Investigators said they found evidence at the scene of the killing that led them to Mr. Allen. However, his attorneys say the probe overlooked vital clues that suggested a ritual sacrifice – including sticks laid out to spell German words associated with the cult, and words written in the blood of one of the victims.

The defense motion reads, “The Delphi investigation seemingly, and quickly, abandoned the obvious correlation between the crime scene and Odinism, despite an obscene amount of evidence linking Odinism to the crime scene.”

Investigators at the time of the death did however consult with a Purdue University professor, who said there was no reason to conclude that “Odinism or any type of cult worshipping or any type of group that would have conducted the crime.”

Abigail Williams and Liberty German were murdered on February 13, 2017. Their bodies were found near a trail where they had spent an afternoon walking. Richard Allen lived in the same small town as the girls and worked at a local pharmacy where he frequently encountered the girls and their families. When he was arrested last year, the victims’ relatives expressed shock that he had been “hiding in plain sight” for five years.

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