Passenger Plane GOES DOWN – Not Where They Were Supposed To Land

Flight Lands 250 Miles Away From Intended Destination, Passengers Fuming

Flight Lands 250 Miles Away From Intended Destination, Passengers Fuming

( – Unions allow groups of employees to negotiate better contracts by working as one strong force rather than many small ones. Using this strength, air traffic controllers in France launched a strike to push their employers to give them higher wages. While this left many passengers stranded, it strangely forced one plane to land hundreds of miles away from its intended destination.

On the morning of Friday, September 16, many air traffic controllers in France went on strike for 24 hours. This caused airlines to cancel over 1,000 flights, causing travel disruptions all across Europe. However, Ryanair still allowed a flight from Dublin to take off for a trip to Faro, Portugal. But passengers didn’t reach their intended destination right away. Instead, the plane landed in Malaga, Spain.

Airport employees told the 157 passengers onboard the flight they had to be diverted from the Faro airport due to the strike and imposed curfews. While they did provide a bus from Spain to Portugal, it was still an enormous hassle. In addition, the passengers pointed out the airline knew the plane would not land on time before it took off, meaning it should have told everyone ahead of time they would not land in the right country if they boarded the plane.

According to The Sun, Ryanair said the circumstances were “entirely beyond our control” and apologized for the inconveniences the switch caused. However, most frequent fliers still are not buying the apology and continue to criticize the airline for its poor management.

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