Passengers Run SCREAMING Off Flight – See Why

Passengers Flee Flight After Spotting a Snake

Passengers Flee Flight After Spotting a Snake

( – Most airplane flights are not too memorable. A passenger may experience some turbulence, observe an unruly peer, or, on rare occasions, have a whole aisle to themselves. Unfortunately, for some recent United Airlines passengers landing at an airport in New Jersey, the experience was burned into their memory after a snake got loose.

On Monday, October 17, travelers en route from Tampa, Florida, to Newark, New Jersey, were enjoying their flight when someone alerted passengers that there was a long snake slithering around the plane. Thankfully, this incident did not occur until the plane had landed and was taxiing to its gate at around 1:15 p.m.

Police and wildlife authorities quickly arrived at the scene and safely escorted the non-venomous garter snake back out to its actual habitat.

Herpetologist Graham Alexander told Newsweek that the people on the plane got “worked up over nothing” as the snake was harmless. However, he noted that there are garter snakes in Africa that are actually classified as mambas and cobras, which could lead some people to be wary of the slithering creature.

But, in this instance, both the snake and passengers returned home without incident or injury. Whether those who saw the snake on the plane want to fly again anytime soon though is another story.

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