Pentagon Pins HORRENDOUS Crimes On Kremlin – Putin Terrified!

Pentagon Accuses Russia of War Crimes Against Ukraine

Pentagon Accuses Russia of War Crimes Against Ukraine

( – Russia has continued its war in Ukraine for months, despite numerous setbacks and failing soldier morale. Now, with winter coming and troops losing territory to Ukrainian forces, Russian President Vladimir Putin is resorting to more long-range missile attacks to cripple his enemy. In light of this, the Pentagon condemned the latest barrage on innocent civilians as a “war crime.”

On Thursday, November 17, the first snow of the winter fell on the streets of Kyiv. The same day, Putin’s forces shot dozens of missiles at Ukraine’s infrastructure in an attempt to bring down the energy grid.

Within hours of the missile attacks, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman General Mark Milley held a press briefing after the DOD’s Ukraine Defense Contact Group’s seventh meeting. Milley estimated between 60 and 100 missiles hit Ukrainian targets in the past few days, which has caused “excessive collateral damage and unnecessary suffering on the civilian population” and is, therefore, “a war crime.”

The briefing also revealed that the Pentagon estimates more than 25% of Ukrainians are without power, meaning most are also without heat. On top of this, the destruction hurts the nation’s economy and its ability to care for its sick and elderly. Milley also reminded listeners that the US recently announced another $400 million in aid to Ukraine.

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