Pope Francis Visits Italy — Issues ORDERS To Italians

Pope Francis Tells Italians To Have More Babies, Welcome Migrants

Pope Francis Tells Italians To Have More Babies, Welcome Migrants

(StraightNews.org) – Italy has one of Europe’s lowest birth rates, which makes experts concerned future generations will not be able to support the economy and way of life as Italians currently know it. With this in mind, Pope Francis recently visited and spoke to the nation, urging them to have more kids and welcome migrants to their shores.

On Sunday, September 25, Pope Francis spoke at an open-air Mass in Matera, Italy, where he touched on multiple political topics, including immigration and the population. Towards the end of the speech, Francis remarked that Italians should have “more births, more children,” according to the Associated Press.

These comments came right after the nation elected far-right politician Giorgia Meloni into office, whose campaign platform centered around “God, family and homeland.” She’s one of the more conservative leaders to be elected into office on the continent, potentially leading to a major shakeup of European affairs and partnerships in the coming years.

While the Pope did not comment directly on the vote, he did emphasize the churches’ beliefs on immigration, noting that “immigrants are to be welcomed, accompanied, promoted and integrated.” It seems Pope Francis and Meloni align on many issues facing Italy these days, which could lead to the nation boosting its birth rate, although that’s still a long shot.

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