Power Outages Linked To Surprising Suspect!

Several Power Outages in Linked to Raccoons

Several Power Outages in Linked to Raccoons

(StraightNews.org) – Hurricanes, snow storms, or sometimes even car crashes into telephone poles are typically what people blame for power outages. But, for the town of Seguin, Texas, none of those things were responsible. Instead, it was Ricky the Racoon who took out their power twice in a matter of three days.

On Saturday, October 1, just before midnight, a raccoon snuck into the Seguin substation and climbed aboard a high-voltage wire before touching a grounding mechanism. This shut off the power to the entire town, leaving residents with no energy for about an hour and a half.

Just two days later, though, it happened again around 8:45 p.m. While crews worked quickly to restore the town’s power, Public Information Officer Jennifer Sourdellia noted it was “a little bit rare” that the incidents happened so close together, according to Seguin Today. Police announced they identified the 35-pound intruder and are working to keep it from turning the lights out a third time.

This isn’t the first incident of these masked bandits turning off power to entire communities. In the summer of 2019, a raccoon climbed into a Kissimmee, Florida, substation and knocked out power to 2,844 customers for an hour. Unfortunately, in that instance, the furry bandit did not survive.

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