Putin BOMBSHELL – Leaked Spy Docs Reveal Startling Truth

Leaked Documents Suggest Putin Suffers Parkinson's, Cancer

Leaked Documents Suggest Putin Suffers Parkinson’s, Cancer

(StraightNews.org) – When Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the invasion of Ukraine back in February, many expected Kyiv to fall within hours. However, it seemed the battle was poorly planned, and Russia certainly didn’t expect its neighbor to fight back with such intensity. As the days turned to weeks and months, it became evident Moscow was suffering. Reports suggested Putin was suffering, too.

Images Circulate

In the weeks following the invasion, various media outlets circulated images of President Putin seemingly looking ill. Some commented that his face was puffy, and others claimed he looked more sluggish than ever before. It was even widely speculated that Putin’s illness was the reason Russia chose to move against Ukraine in the manner it did. Of course, there were no facts or medical records to back this up, and the Kremlin denied all claims.

Still, the rumors persisted. In fact, in a recent photo shown in The Sun in late October, Putin appears to have a strange mark on the back of his hand. Jason Jay Smart of the Kyiv Post said the mark resembled IV track marks.

Tom Warner, a former Ukraine reporter, said it just looked like “a weird angle of bulgey [sic] veins,” and that Putin’s face and hand are “puffy,” which could indicate “Long term steroids.”

Leaked Documents Show Proof?

According to the exclusive by The Sun, leaked emails appear to say that the Russian leader is, indeed, sick. The source is reportedly an intelligence source with ties to the Kremlin. The diagnosis? Pancreatic cancer and Parkinson’s Disease. According to the email, the source confirms the latter and goes on to say, “Putin is regularly stuffed with all kinds of heavy steroids and innovative painkilling injections,” to help curb the cancer’s spread.

The recent images of Putin coming out of Russia seem to lend credence to the rumors. He has, at times, looked to be in pain, wincing, stumbling, and even appearing out of breath. Some, like political analyst Valery Solovey, think this is part of the reason for the questionable moves made in the ongoing Ukraine-Russia battle. Insiders say he grips tables to hide tremors and has fallen severely ill during strategy meetings.

If these rumors are true, it’s likely Putin will not remain in power much longer. Should he be removed from power, experts like Sir Richard Dearlove, a former British intelligence head, feel Nikolai Patrushev is the obvious choice to replace him, but that remains yet to be seen. Patrushev is a strong Putin ally and would likely lead the country in the same way.

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