Repeated Signal May Be Signs Of Alien Life

( — Researchers are measuring pulse waves in the solar system to check for signs of alien life. Akshay Suresh, a graduate of Cornell University, is leading the project to detect repetitive frequency patterns using software he designed for the purpose. In the first search of its kind, Suresh is examining trains of pulses in space and their ability to provide a “means of interstellar communication across vast distances.”

The search focuses on the center of our milky way because it is so dense with planets and could theoretically be home to life-supporting worlds that humanity is unaware of. While there was no sign of life in the initial searches, scientists say speeding up algorithms designed to find pulse patterns will improve and make investigations more thorough.

The existence or otherwise of life on other planets has fascinated human beings for centuries. The question is the source of countless books, documentaries, and movies. NASA is also involved in the search and has carried out numerous studies. The space agency’s primary tactic has been to search for gases such as oxygen or carbon dioxide that suggest signs of life.

Last year, the US government created a new department in the Pentagon to look into what it called “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena.” This came on the back of a Pentagon report that could not disprove more than 100 sightings of unknown aircraft by credible people including members of the US military. Some passionate researchers, however, are unhappy that the government should take the lead because so many believe the White House and beyond have been covering up the existence of, and contact with, alien life for decades.

Tennessee Congressman Tim Burchett added his voice to the secrecy accusations in January. He said if the government knows something, it must say so, because the American people are ready to hear it. He called on the White House to “release everything, we need to know what’s going on.”

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