Russia Uses Electronic Warfare To Stop Ukraine’s Drones

Russia Uses Electronic Warfare To Stop Ukraine's Drones

Ukraine Flounders As Russian Ramps Up Attacks On Their Most Valuable Resource

( – In the first few weeks of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, various nations provided the defending country with anti-tank weapons, humanitarian aid, and multiple other weapons, including attack drones. However, Russia adjusted its offense in the following months, making some of these technologies less than useful.

Samuel Bendett, an expert in unmanned military systems, recently spoke at The Center for Naval Analyses about the evolving landscape on the war’s frontlines. He noted Russia’s electronic warfare is now “better organized” than when it invaded in February, according to Business Insider. It’s mainly using electromagnetic jammers to stop the drones from operating as designed. For example, there are now videos of Russia’s Krasukha-S4 electronic warfare system allegedly rendering a Ukrainian drone unusable.

As Russia makes Ukrainian drones less viable, the aggressor is using them more for reconnaissance and surveillance missions than before. One Ukrainian soldier told The Sunday Times the only thing they can do about the rising number of Russian drones “is hide.” However, the article also noted many Ukrainians have been trying to make their own homemade jammers to bring down Russian drones.

While the drones were critical in providing Ukraine with some significant wins in the early days of the war, Russia has heightened its defenses to make them much less effective now. With this, nations supplying aid to Ukraine are reevaluating the best and most helpful weapons to send next.

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