State Bill Seeks to Criminalize Obscene Adult Content

( – An Oklahoma lawmaker has proposed banning pornography and “sexting” outside of marriage. Republican State Senator Dusty Deevers said he wants to prohibit the production and consumption of any sexual content that “lacks serious literary, artistic, educational, political, or scientific purposes or value” and apply the ban across various media.

The Senator’s bill defined “obscene material” as any depiction of “acts of sexual intercourse,” including activities considered “normal or perverted, actual or simulated.” The ban, which would furthermore encompass masturbation and sodomy, would apply to television, video games, and even text messages. Images of women’s breasts and genitals should also be disallowed, and offenders punished with a year in prison and a $2,000 fine. Married couples would be exempt and permitted to share adult content with each other, but only if they made it together.

Mr. Deevers is a Baptist pastor with a reputation for hardline views on sexual and intimate issues. He is strongly anti-abortion, and while most pro-life advocates argue for the closure of facilities that provide abortion, Deevers believes women who undergo the procedure are guilty of murder and should face homicide charges.

During his election campaign, he promised to restore biblical standards and supported the abolition of no-fault divorce, as well as an end to income tax and the introduction of severe punishments for lying in criminal investigations and trials. Taking a staunch pro-marriage position, Deevers accused political progressives of intent to destroy the family unit and God and replace them with adherence to the demands of a powerful state.

Critics of the lawmaker’s latest proposals say they would be impossible to enforce without major censorship operations. Platforms such as Twitter (now X), Facebook, Instagram, and other prominent online names would either have to be barred from Oklahoma or undergo unreasonable content moderation.

Social media users correspondingly mocked Deevers’s bill online, with some saying the Senator wants to take the Sooner State back to the 1700s. “Morals aside, it’s unconstitutional,” another person wrote.

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