Tarantino Receives Honorary Degree From Israeli University

Tarantino Receives Honorary Degree From Israeli University

Hollywood Icon Makes HISTORY – Within The Walls Of A Holy City

(StraightNews.org) – Most doctors spend years of their life studying in school for their well-earned title. However, others head out on a career path and end up receiving an honorary degree for their incredible work in a field. For actor, director, and screenwriter Quentin Tarantino, that’s exactly what happened this week when an Israeli University awarded him an honorary doctorate.

On Monday, June 13, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem honored Tarantino with a doctorate degree, recognizing him for his award-winning success in a variety of roles in Hollywood. Tarantino deepened his ties to Israel after he married Israeli model and singer Daniella Pick in 2018 and moved to Tel Aviv.

Tarantino, who has won seven Academy Awards, is best known for his films “Reservoir Dogs,” “Django Unchained,” “Pulp Fiction,” and the “Kill Bill” series. Two of those won Oscars for the best original screenplay as well. All his movies are known for their witty but dark humor, something fans have come to expect in Tarantino projects.

The newly distinguished doctor has hinted he’s considering filming his last movie in Jerusalem to round out his career. But, even if he says it’s his last one, would he really be able to stay away from the pull of cinematography forever? Only time will tell.

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