Telegram Is Not Safe for Users, Report Suggests

“Telegram” PROBLEM Reported – Users Compromised?

( – There are numerous messaging services that connect users all around the world. From the Meta-owned WhatsApp to Microsoft’s Skype service, these platforms allow users to share data with one another quickly and safely. However, the independently run Telegram messaging app, which was started by a pair of Russian billionaires, is now coming under scrutiny.

On Monday, June 20, the Washington Examiner published an exclusive article detailing a pessimistic opinion of Telegram from the director of NATO’s Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence in Riga, Latvia, Janis Sarts. In the report, Sarts notes he has “reasons to believe that there is not full integrity” in the messaging platform.

While Sarts did not provide specific details as to why the messaging platform is not “fully safe,” he did note his concerns center around encryption and the likelihood of disinformation, especially surrounding Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine.

Telegram representative Remi Vaughn defended the company, emphasizing it has no “partnership” with Russia or plans to work with its government. However, Russian agencies did recently take over control of the social platform VKontakte, which was also started by Telegram’s founder.

With this connection, Sarts encouraged Telegram users to seek other avenues to message each other, especially when concerning political topics and organizing events. Users can opt for alternatives like iMessage, Facebook Messenger, and Signal if they’re concerned about security issues.

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