Ukraine Reclaims Huge Landmass as Putin’s Forces Retreat

Ukraine Reclaims Huge Landmass as Putin's Forces Retreat

New Ukraine WIN – Putin Forces Retreat

( – Russian President Vladimir Putin’s forces took charge of nearly one-fifth of Ukraine’s land since their invasion in late February. However, low morale, short supply, and the death of some military leaders brought their forward momentum to a halt recently, giving Ukraine just enough room to push back. Now, the defending army has forced Russian forces back out of much of the smaller nation.

On Monday, September 12, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy announced his forces had taken back over 1,000 square kilometers of land that Russia had claimed during the war. By Wednesday, September 14, Yuriy Sak, an advisor to Ukraine’s defense minister, told CNBC his country had taken back over 8,000 square kilometers, which is over 3,000 square miles.

While this is a huge victory for the defending country, its leader is still hoping for additional support from the international community. Zelenskyy asked allies to provide additional air defense systems as they undergo steady missile attacks on infrastructure from retreating Russian forces. One such instance took place on Wednesday night, when six Russian missiles struck a dam, releasing an enormous amount of water from the Inhulets River into Ukraine and flooding many acres of land.

Do you think this progress is a sign the war could be winding down, or is this only the beginning of a much longer battle as Putin tries to recapture the Soviet Union era?

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