UN Deletes Article Entitled: “Benefits of World Hunger”

UN Deletes Article Entitled:

UN Mysteriously DELETES Article – This is UNREAL

(StraightNews.org) – Words can only convey so much. Even skilled writers and poets find people sometimes misunderstand their works. So, when readers dug up a 2008 article from the United Nations Chronicle entitled “Benefits of World Hunger,” it’s unsurprising that it stirred up some controversy.

The UN Chronicle recently deleted the paper “The Benefits of World Hunter” by George Kent from its website. The article began circulating recently as critics called it out for its allegedly tone-deaf view that hunger motivates people to work hard and propels the economy, especially in the looming shadow of a major hunger crisis developing in Africa and Asia. In response, the magazine said on Twitter that the 14-year-old paper was actually satire and “never meant to be taken literally.”

Yet, in an interview with Climate Depot, the article’s author emphasized his piece was certainly not satire; instead, he wrote to make individuals think about their own privilege and how they benefit from others’ lack of access to food:

From the author’s proposed perspective, would this make you think differently about the economics of hunger and motivation? Do you think the UN’s removal of the paper was another aspect of cancel culture bubbling up, or was Kent’s way of writing insensitive and inappropriate for an official UN publication?

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